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Here’s Our Top Tips To Stop Your Motivation Dropping This Autumn!

Autumn often signals new beginnings with the start of the new school term, the beginning of the winter woollies and the end of the long, warm evenings. But with all this change around at this time of year, it can become more difficult to keep our motivation for healthy eating and exercise going. 

The darker mornings and evenings mean that our days suddenly feel even shorter, we’re wrapping up more meaning that we can hide the bits we don’t love so much and we might be struggling emotionally with our babies going off to school.

So here’s some top tips for keeping your motivation going whilst the trees become bare and there’s a definite frost in the air…

  1. Embrace the changes in nature – autumn brings with it a glorious array of oranges, reds and browns, and taking a walk outside in the crisp air of autumn most definitely blows away the cobwebs. It’s also a real boost to our mental health to spend time outside which can be particularly beneficial if we’re beginning to feel the effects of seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Having a low mood can interfere with our motivation, so taking steps to support good mental health can help keep us encouraged to exercise and eat well. 
  2. The changing days mean that we feel like sleeping in longer and hibernating in the evening. This also means that we then struggle to find time to exercise. So this is when a training buddy or buddies are worth their weight in gold. Set up a WhatsApp group and call it something inspirational such as “Who’s exercised today?!” and cheer each other on to set their alarm early or to log into OYG in the evening. If you’re waning, send out an SOS asking for help to get motivated or to make healthier food choices. 
  3. Take some time to set out your goals for the rest of the year. Goal setting is important for measuring progress but equally important is reviewing them now and again. So grab some lovely new stationary and write down your health and fitness goals for the coming weeks and months. This is the ideal time to reflect on what’s worked for you and what hasn’t and to make the adjustments you need. 
  4. Keep things interesting and engaging by keeping your exercise varied. Continue with your OYG Programme, but why not add in something different such as our amazing Dance Party aerobic style class? Or use our Yoga classes to improve your focus and breathing techniques to relax and unwind. 
  5. Remember your original why for embarking on your health and fitness regime. Whether it was to get fit, feel great, lose weight or feel amazing in a certain outfit, think about what your original motivator was and use that to push yourself forward again. You still deserve to feel good, no matter the time of year. Use the changing seasons to get back on track and feel fantastic, all ready for next season! 

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