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5 Tips For Getting Your Motivation Back Up!



5 Tips For Getting Your Motivation Back Up!

When we have a goal, motivation sometimes comes easier (note we didn’t say easy, only easier!). This goal might be to feel good in a certain outfit for a big summer wedding, to reach a certain exercise milestone or to learn to cook a knock ‘em dead meal from scratch.

So that’s why here at Own Your Goals Davina, we encourage you to, well, own your goals! Without goals, motivation can wane and before we know it, we’re back to the bad habits that we know don’t serve us well or make us feel good. But how do we keep the motivation going? Here’s our tips for getting your motivation back if it’s taken a tumble recently.

  1. Always have a goal. Unsurprisingly, our first tip is to set goals. These are personal to you, and can involve diet or fitness goals, or both. Make sure these goals are both achievable and measurable. Achievable often means breaking down goals into manageable bite sized chunks. For example, our workout programmes (be that beginner, intermediate or advanced) are all broken down into ten week programmes of three workouts a week. They gradually get more challenging as your fitness levels increase, because there’s no point working too hard too soon, it’ll end in failure! And measurable because tracking is everything…


  1. Track your goals. When motivation begins to take a back seat, looking back over your progress can be enormously uplifting and empowering. We designed our results tracker with exactly that in mind, and you can use it to easily record and monitor your weight, measurements and progress. Perfect for those days where you just can’t find the motivation.


  1. Plan your workouts. Taking a few minutes each week to plan when you’re going to do each of your workouts will give you a mental image of what your week looks like in advance. Planning your exercise around the things you have to do each week will mean that you’re less likely to skip a day. Missing a workout early on in the week can make the rest of the week an unhealthy one, which is the worst motivation killer so try to start each week off on a good foot.


  1. Dig deep. Feeling tired, too cold, too hot, under the weather, stressed or busy can all affect our motivation to exercise or eat healthily. When negativity creeps in, it’s easy to give up, but dig a little deeper and try to find that purpose that gave you the drive to start this journey in the first place. Being healthier for your kids, being able to run without getting immediately out of puff or wanting to feel healthier – whatever it is, remember it, and grab hold of it.


  1. Focus on the good feelings! How do you feel when you’ve had a good day? We’ll bet, great! Meeting your exercise goals and eating a healthy, balanced diet makes us feel virtuous, so on the days where you don’t feel like being so saintly, recall how positive and driven you felt on your last good day. Then use that to power yourself forward. You’ve got this!

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