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6 Natural Anti-Agers That You Won't Have Thought Of!



6 Natural Anti-Agers That You Won't Have Thought Of!

The beauty of living in the world that we do, is that we have the choice whether to embrace growing gradually older and accepting the odd wrinkle or fine line, or we can choose to grow older much less gracefully and do all we can to fight the signs of ageing! 

Either way is perfectly ok with us, but if you’re in the latter group, then you may be trying to think of extra ways of turning back the clock. So, here’s our anti-ageing tips that you may not have even considered could have anything to do with the youthfulness of your skin…

  1. Drink more water to stay hydrated – dehydrated skin is skin that’s lacking moisture in the form of water (as opposed to skin that feels dry and rough due to a lack of oil). If you’re not drinking enough water, your skin could be suffering as well as your body. Dehydrated skin can appear older than its years, exacerbating all those little fine lines and wrinkles, so keep up with the water, weak squashes and herbal teas. 
  2. But drink less alcohol and caffeine – both are dehydrating, the first visible signs of which will be in your skin. If you do have a coffee or a glass of wine, match each one with a glass of water to keep your hydration levels topped up. 
  3. Get plenty of shut eye – another way your skin will demonstrate to the world that you have fine lines and wrinkles, is by not getting enough quality sleep. Our skin repairs itself as we sleep, helping to make it fresher and rejuvenated. Eye bags and sagging skin are indicators of poor quality sleep so follow our tips for a good nights’ sleep to help the appearance of your skin. 
  4. Exercise more – the pink post exercise glow does more for your skin than you think. The increased blood flow delivers essential skin loving nutrients and oxygen to the skin, helping to keep it healthy and youthfully plump. So keep up the good work with your OYG plan – there’s even more benefits to exercise than you think! 
  5. Exercise your face more, too - facial yoga is actually a thing, and it’s said to help the skin retain its elasticity that we start to lose as we get older. Make facial yoga a mindful practice, and your mental wellbeing will get a boost, too, and that could radiate through your skin. 
  6. Eat more fat – foods that are high in unhealthy saturated fats such as processed meats, fast food, junk food, cakes and pastries do nothing for our health. But not all fats are bad. Healthy unsaturated fats are essential for healthy skin cell membranes, helping to keep the skin moisturised and fresh. So make sure you include healthy fats such as those found in avocados, walnuts and oily fish

Follow these tips, as well as keeping up with your regular skincare routine, and you could well defy the years and possibly even reverse them! 

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