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8 Ways to Help Others in Today's World



8 Ways to Help Others in Today's World

In testing and uncertain times, it can be easy to put the safety and comfort of ourselves and our loved ones before the needs of others in our communities. But now more than ever, in order to ‘flatten the curve’ of the spread of the coronavirus, we all need to be doing all we can to help. In the most part, this means following the advice to stay at home unless absolutely necessary to go out. We could be carrying the Covid-19 virus and not know it, meaning that by heading out, we could spread the virus to those with a weaker immune system than ourselves, with potentially disastrous consequences.

But being a responsible citizen is more than that. There are other things we can do that will help others, without putting anyone at risk. Here’s just a few – if you have others, share them with us in our community Facebook group

  1. Offer to do your neighbours’ food shopping – this can be online or by going to the supermarket and dropping the bags off at your neighbours door step. At the moment we’re still able to go to supermarkets, but keep an eye on the advice.
  2. Help those less technically able – shopping online, using video calling such as FaceTime or signing up to government alerts and food schemes can be daunting for the elderly. Talking through each process on the phone or signing up to any relevant schemes on their behalf will help significantly.
  3. Buy vouchers from local businesses – most cafes, bars, restaurants and small independent shops are now closed, unless they can offer a takeaway service. Supporting local, small businesses is always important, but now many are selling vouchers for use at a later date. By buying them, you could help to save a business from complete closure.
  4. Donate to food banks – most supermarkets and online supermarkets allow extra purchases to be added and donated to needy food banks on your behalf. The food banks will then arrange safe delivery to those in need.
  5. Write a letter – loved ones in hospital, nursing homes and even alone at home will be feeling more isolated than most at the moment. Receiving a letter will help those remember that there are people who’re thinking of them.
  6. Support parents who are home schooling – if you have time, and extensive knowledge on a certain subject, offer your services online to help with kid’s homework. Many parents will be struggling to explain certain concepts to kids and would really value your knowledge and experience.
  7. Donate to charities and emergency appeals – a cash injection is what many support groups and charities need most right now as they struggle to keep up with increased demand.
  8. Take part in online group singalongs and virtual parties – not only will doing so help your own motivation and mental wellbeing, if such a video went viral, imagine how many people’s hearts it will touch around the world!

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