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Booty Building Workouts You're Going to Love!



Booty Building Workouts You're Going to Love!

Hands up if you’re looking to boost your booty? *puts hands up immediately* 

Since everyone’s favourite sisters (the Kardashians, obviously) burst onto the scene with their perfectly pert behinds, so many of us have been looking to work on our own bottoms. Whilst we all know that they might have had a little help from other sources, the focus of many of us is now on wanting Kim K’s bum as well as Madonna’s arms and Lady Gaga’s tiny waist.

Even if looking like a celeb isn’t high on our gym agenda and we’re not looking to channel our inner Carol Vorderman and win Rear of the Year, many of us live in the hope that our behinds might one day feel more lifted and pert.

So, how do we achieve a better booty? It’s all in the exercise, so here’s our fave Own Your Goals workouts that help to lift a lacklustre bottom…

Our Strength Plan is the ideal six week plan for total body fitness, and includes some awesome booty boosting lower body regimes. We’ve used this plan to introduce weights, which if you’ve never used them before, can feel daunting. But they don’t need to be! They’ll help add another level to your fitness, helping you to build more lean muscle mass and enjoy everything getting firmer and more lifted.

For workouts totally focussed on the booty, try our ultra high intensity 15 minute Booty Blaster – the pain is totally worth it! If you’re looking to start off with something less intense, try our 30 minute Booty Builder or our 30 minute Bootyfull Pilates that definitely live up to their names.

Sometimes, we just need to go back to basics to make sure we’re getting things right. If you’re unsure how to squat properly or you need a refresher course, do our ten minute Squat it Right to perfect your squatting.

As we always say, cardio exercise is just as important as strength training when we’re looking to build muscle strength and improve tone. Cardio helps to burn fat, which helps to reveal all that newly formed muscle, but cardio exercise such as running also helps to tone the legs which in turn strengthens the gluteus maximus – the all important large muscle that forms the prominence of the bottom.

In particular, hill running helps to improve the shape of the bottom as it requires more strength to lift each leg from the ground and also forces the thighs to lift more from the ground with each foot strike. Sprinting is also good, as it also raises the knees further from the ground and requires more power from the muscles. So if you can, fit some hill sprints in among your OYG workouts, perhaps on your way to or from work, or at the weekend as an additional workout.

High calorie burn exercise doesn’t have to be dull – try our Dance Party classes for a fun and energetic workout that will help you tone and add muscle. Just like all exercise, putting in the time and effort will mean you see results and that you Own Your Goals. Don’t forget to keep us updated on social media, we love seeing progress stories!

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Join Davina and over 40,000 members who work out with OYG! With a huge variety of workouts suitable for complete beginners or those looking to take their fitness to the next level, there is something for everyone

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