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Delicious Ways to Make Your Pancakes Healthy This Pancake Day!



Delicious Ways to Make Your Pancakes Healthy This Pancake Day!

This year, Pancake Day falls on 25th February. Shrove Tuesday, as it is traditionally known, always falls the day before the first day of Lent, known as Ash Wednesday. In some cultures, Shrove Tuesday is called ‘Fat Tuesday’ or a slightly kinder sounding carnival day, Mardi Gras, a day that is celebrated by eating fatty foods before giving them up during the fasting period of lent.

So, knowing that Pancake Day is actually a day where eating fatty foods, such as pancakes (where all the perishable ingredients such as butter, milk, and eggs that remain in the house are used up) is celebrated, it can make us think very differently about how we mark this day of fun.

If we’re watching what we eat, mixing up a traditional pancake recipe using butter, extra oil for cooking and sugar, plus extra as a drizzle isn’t going to help us own our goals. But there are healthier pancake options to be had…

First up, the flour. Although traditionally, pancakes are made using white flour, white flour is processed and devoid of any of the vitamins and minerals contained in unprocessed wholewheat flour. So, switching your flour is a simple healthy swap. You could also experiment with different flours made using ancient, naturally gluten free grains such as teff, amaranth, or buckwheat, available from most health food stores and some supermarkets now stock alternative flours in the “free from” sections. 

Fat-wise, we’re used to flipping our pancakes in pans full of hot oil. But using an oil spray to lightly coat the pan will save significantly on fat and calories.

Our honey and lemon crepes allow you all the fun and taste of making, tossing, and eating pancakes, with far less fat and sugar.

You can use any milk you like, from semi skimmed to oat milk, and we’ve replaced all of the sugar with runny honey. You can also use maple syrup if you’d prefer. We’ve also removed the butter and replaced it with one tablespoon of olive oil – and this is a recipe for four people!

We also have this tried and tested bacon pancakes with maple syrup recipe if you’d rather something more filling, perhaps even as your main meal, rather than as an extra meal.

We’ve used buttermilk, a thinner alternative to yoghurt, that when mixed with baking soda, creates bubbles of carbon dioxide to baking mixes. This creates a satisfying yet lighter and fluffier alternative to traditional pancakes.

Or for the ultimate in healthy pancake options, why not make them using no additional sugar at all?! Our banana pancake recipe relies on mashed, overripe bananas that add sweetness and bind the mixture together, resulting in the tastiest pancakes of all! Serve them with your favourite fruits. 

Finally, what you choose to serve your pancakes with will also help in the health stakes. Smothering them in sugar or with a huge dollop of ice cream is only going to add unnecessary calories.

Instead, why not try serving yours with mountains of fresh berries, slices of melon, or a small drizzle of maple syrup and a huge squeeze of lemon? Making the fruit centre stage and having the pancakes more of a walk on extra will help reduce calories whilst still making you feel like you’re not missing out.


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