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Reached A Weight Loss Plateau? Here's How To Get Past It!



Reached A Weight Loss Plateau? Here's How To Get Past It!

In the beginning of your Own Your Goals journey, you may have noticed that the pounds and inches were dropping fairly quickly. When you first begin following an exercise regime and changing the way you eat, it’s not unusual to notice a rapid change.

But then, as the initial weeks pass, you’re still putting in the effort, but you’re not noticing as dramatic a change as you did in the beginning. This is down to the inevitable consequence of going from perhaps being sedentary and eating a high calorie diet to exercising and limiting calories. Doing so is bound to result in weight loss from week zero to week one and two.

Then, in week three and beyond, you’re not putting your body through such a dramatic change, and your weight loss isn’t as dramatic. But nevertheless, you’re fearless and you’re strong and determined, so you carry on, because you’re a hero! And your weight loss and body composition change continue, just at a slower rate. 

However, despite this, after a while, you feel like you plateaued, and despite all your hard work, you feel like it’s stopped paying you dividends. You may have even lost your motivation to carry on.

If this sounds like you, don’t despair!

Weight loss is a journey, and it takes time and commitment, and sometimes we need an extra boost to push us towards owning our goals. So here’s a few tips and motivational tricks to help you get back on track… 

Are you eating foods that might be high in salt? Salt can cause you to hold onto excess water that can cause bloating and a higher figure on the scales. Salt can be hidden in foods such as shop bought pasta sauces (try this homemade pasta sauce instead) and olives, anchovies and soy sauce are all high in salt.

Don’t weigh yourself before or during your period! Because again, water retention could be causing the scales to tell you you’re a pound or two heavier. Carry on as you’re doing and step onto the scales again next week and see if it makes a difference.

What are your sleep patterns like? If you’re not getting enough sleep, it could be causing you to make less healthy food choices the next day when you’re tired and craving sugary carbs. Try our bedtime routine tips to help you get better sleep.

Are you suffering from stress? Equally, stress causes us to make poorer lifestyle choices such as skipping exercise and snacking during the day in place of healthy, filling meals. If you are stressed, try making time for some unwinding and relaxing.

How much cardio are you doing? Cardio exercise helps you burn calories and lose weight so if your weight loss has plateaued, try fitting in some aerobic exercise such as jogging or fast pace walking in addition to your OYG plan.

Are you drinking enough water? Drinking a glass of water half an hour before eating can reduce the number of calories you consume and lead to more weight loss.

Are you drinking too much sugar? Drinking fruit juices, sugary hot drinks or alcohol in place of water can really add up on the calorie front, so try to replace more of these drinks with plain water.

Best of luck, you’ve totally got this!

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