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The Do's And Don'ts Of Weight Training



The Do's And Don'ts Of Weight Training

Are you training with weights? If not, why not?! Weights are a great addition to many of our OYG workout routines and challenges. They help to increase the effort our muscles are working at, helping us to increase our lean muscle mass and burn fat. Which is the ultimate aim of exercise!

Working out with weights needs to be done properly to help us avoid injury and overtraining. However, that’s not to say we should avoid them! So many of you in our gorgeous OYG community love using weights when you exercise and if you follow our tips, then you’ll also be able to reap the rewards, without doing yourself any harm.

Here’s our top weight training tips… 

  • Always start with a light weight. When you pick up a very light weight, you might think it feels too light to have any benefit. But after three sets of ten reps or 20 minutes of HIIT, you’ll soon notice it! So always start light and build up. We’re all different, so aim for a weight that you feel you could comfortably lift 12 to 15 times and then gradually increase the weight as you feel yourself getting stronger. A rough indication of a good weight to start with is 2lbs per hand weight.
  • Just as important is focussing on your form. This means making sure you get your technique right. Take things slowly and move through the full range of motion in your joints. If you find that you can’t quite reach the end of the motion early on in your workout, then your weight might be too heavy and you could consider decreasing it.
  • Good form includes how you hold your body as much as how you hold your weights. Stand tall and hold your core tight, with your shoulders rounded back and up and your head neutral and facing forward. Stand with your feet hip width apart and your legs strong. Also, don’t forget to breathe. Holding your breath will make you tense are more prone to injury. When you lift, breathe out and when you lower your weights, breathe in.
  • Always make sure you factor in a warm up before using weights. Our Toned in 10 Warm Up is ideal for warming the muscles in preparation for exercise.
  • Make sure that you focus on your whole body, not just one area. Weights aren’t just for working out the arms. They can be used during an aerobic workout to help condition the abs, bums, tums and thighs.
  • Always use your weights slowly and purposefully, so that you get the best from them. Rushing through your workout can mean that you’re more likely to injure yourself or that you don’t complete your full range of motion.
  • Never ignore pain! Good, or positive pain is beneficial during exercise – it means that you’re working out well. But bad, negative pain that feels sharp, shooting or intense shouldn’t be ignored and you should stop immediately.
  • Most importantly – enjoy!

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