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Top 5 Exercises For A Toned Bottom



Top 5 Exercises For A Toned Bottom

The latest in our series of the best exercises to target certain areas of the body features the glutes. Having buns of steel is top of the list for many of us, so here’s how to exercise your way to the toned bum of your dreams: 

  1. Hip lifts (also known as glute bridges)- lay on your back, arms outstretched and knees bent with your feet on the floor. Then raise your hips upwards, hold at the top whilst squeezing your glutes before lowering back down and repeating. You can add to this by raising one leg in the air, completing a set and then switching legs.
  2. Donkey kicks– on all fours, raise one leg upwards with your toe towards the ceiling and your body forming a straight line from shoulder to knee. Complete a set and repeat on the other leg. Mix things up by raising each leg out to the side rather than up.
  3. Squats – squats are a great exercise but they don’t just have to include an up and down motion. You can add dumbbells to increase the resistance or perform them in different ways. For example, add an explosive jump on the upwards motion for squat jumps or turn your toes out and widen your legs for a plie squat. Make sure that you’re fully contracting your glutes for each movement to achieve maximum gains.
  4. Lunges– lunges are also great for the glutes and again, they can be mixed up. Lunge from side to side in side lunges or backwards in reverse lunges which both help to shape, tone and lift the sides of your butt – these areas are just as important. Like with squats, you can also add dumbbells to each lunge session.
  5. Resistance band work– Like weights, resistance bands add an extra push to your butt workout. Use them when you’re squatting or lunging for extra resistance. One of our favourite resistance band exercises is the lateral walk. Step into a circular (or tied into a loop) resistance band and hold it with the outside of each knee so that you can feel the resistance. Then get into a squat position and take steps to one side and then the other whilst still in the squat position. You’ll feel the burn, so you’ll know it’s working!

Aim for three sets of ten reps each day to begin with. You can then increase the reps and sets as you get stronger. 

You don’t have to use weights, but if you do, you’ll be forcing your muscles to work that bit harder and you’ll get more from your workout. You don’t have to do all the different variations of each exercise either – mixing things up and say doing jump squats one day and plie squats the next will help to keep you interested and motivated. 

The glutes are the largest muscle group in the human body and contain the most power. Working them daily with a mix of these exercises will help to firm and shape your glutes and most require no equipment and can be done anywhere. What are you waiting for?!


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