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10 Easy Meals For When You're Short On Time!



10 Easy Meals For When You're Short On Time!

You’ve got a crazily busy week planned, you have a deadline looming for work, the kids have new after school clubs and you’re planning a long overdue catch up with friends at the end of the week. You also still need to work out when to fit in some time for catching up on your latest box set and working your way through your OYG fitness plan. 

Does this sound familiar? If so, how on earth do you also find time to plan, prepare and make healthy meals for you and your family?! 

We absolutely get it; life is super busy. And that’s why we’re here to help with these tasty, healthy and most importantly, quick and easy meal ideas to help you keep on track. From breakfasts on the go to dinners that can be pre-prepared and everything in-between, here’s how you can fill your week with simple meals…

Super Speedy Breakfasts

Nothing says breakfast on the go more than a smoothie that’s packed with filling protein and nutritious fruits and veggies. Our Green Smoothie Bowl is perfectly suited to a smoothie cup for drinking on your way out of the door! 

If it’s the weekend and you’re still rushing about, but you perhaps have a little more time to spare than during the week, try this Breakfast Hash. It’s perfect for using up leftover veggies and turns them into a breakfast delight. 

Filling, Healthy Lunches to Keep You Full All Afternoon

Lunch doesn’t have to be a boring, limp sandwich from the supermarket. These Chicken and Avocado Pittas are much more exciting, or why not try our Falafel in Pitta for a super quick but tasty, healthy lunch? 

If you’d rather ditch the carbs, then our Mediterranean Lunch Bowl is ideal. The chicken and egg can be swapped for falafel if you prefer. 

Snack Ideas, Because We All Need Snacks…

Snacks often get a bad rep, but they don’t have to be full of salt, sugar and fat. Quite the opposite as these Peanut Butter Snack Bites and No Bake Chocolate Peanut Brownies demonstrate. Both are high in protein that will help to fill any afternoon hunger gaps without the sugary highs and lows. 

Delicious Dinners in a Flash

Quinoa is an ancient grain, that provides complete plant based protein. We love cooking with it, as it has a nutty flavour and firm texture, that takes on the flavours it’s cooked with. This Mexican Spiced Vegetable Quinoa is full of taste and texture, is really filling and makes a perfect vegan dinner that will delight all taste buds. 

If you’re looking to plan ahead, this Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry can be prepared and seasoned in advance, so that all you need to do is add all the ingredients (chicken first) to your pan, stir fry and hey presto, a freshly cooked dinner in minutes. 

Aubergines are extremely versatile but they’re perhaps best showcased when mixed with a smoky, tomato based sauce, such as in our Baked Aubergines with Tomato, Garlic and Smoked Paprika. The time is spent baking the aubergines, and they can be left to do their thing whilst you take some time out for some self-care!  

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