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10 Simple Changes You Can Make To Boost Your Weight Loss



10 Simple Changes You Can Make To Boost Your Weight Loss

If there was a secret trick to losing weight, then whoever discovered it, would be very rich and famous by now. Losing weight, and maintaining a healthy weight, takes time and effort – but with delicious healthy meal choices and an exciting range of different exercise programmes here at Own Your Goals, hopefully it doesn’t feel like too much hard work!

That said, there are a few ‘tricks’ that you can add into your healthy regime that can help accelerate your weight loss and help you reach your goals even quicker…

  1. Never, ever skip breakfast – breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, when you’re quite literally breaking your overnight fast. Going without breakfast puts us a greater risk of developing obesity, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, according to experts. This is due to all those hungry reaches for unhealthy snacks and breakfast muffins on the go if we go without before starting our day.
  2. Stay hydrated – if we’re thirsty, we can mistake it for hunger and eat when we’re actually not hungry. Invest in a water bottle with graduated marks on it to remind you how much water to drink by certain points in the day. 
  3. Choose high protein meals to help keep you fuller for longer which will help you avoid snacking between meals. Lean, low fat protein sources include chicken breast, eggs, low fat dairy, tofu, chickpeas, beans and pulses. 
  4. High fibre foods will help to keep your gut healthy and your bowel movements regular to avoid a sluggish bowel and bloating. High fibre foods include fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and pulses. 
  5. Don’t shop when you’re hungry! (And that includes online grocery shopping.) You’re more likely to buy foods that are high in fat and sugar to satisfy your hunger. Instead plan meals in advance and only shop for the ingredients you need. 
  6. Eat mindfully – this means eating with no distractions including the TV, your phone or any reading material. Being consciously aware of what you’re eating can help you avoid overeating. Instead, you’ll finish eating when you’re full. 
  7. Beware empty calories in drinks, including alcoholic drinks. Opt for sugar free fizzy drinks if you fancy a sweet hit, and try adding soda water to your favourite white or rosé wine. 
  8. Eating from a smaller plate can trick your brain into thinking you’ve had a full meal, when actually you’ve had less food and therefore calories, than you would normally. 
  9. Exercise is key for losing weight, so in addition to your OYG plan, try adding in more movement by getting off the train/bus a few stops early/leaving the car a bit further away and walking the rest. You could also take the stairs rather than the lift and get a group of you on a walk at lunchtime. 
  10. We may not realise it, but sleep is also crucial for weight loss. If we’re lacking in decent sleep, we’re more likely to make poor food and exercise choices, scuppering our weight loss plans. Here’s our tips for getting a good nights’ sleep

Good luck! 

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