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5 Of Our Favourite Pancake Recipes You Need To Try…



5 Of Our Favourite Pancake Recipes You Need To Try…

Hands up who loves pancakes. Us! Us! 

Whether you prefer your pancakes thin and unleavened like a crêpe, or you’d rather yours in a thick and fluffy American style (usually made with the addition of baking powder to make them rise), it’s hard to deny ourselves a pancake. Especially with Pancake Day around the corner (it’s on Tuesday 16th February in case you need to get your order of honey and lemon in). 

Pancake Day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, comes the day before the beginning of Lent (Ash Wednesday) when those following the Christian religion may choose to sacrifice certain foods or drinks for the 40 days of Lent. 

Fun Fact - did you know that the term Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday? It’s a term that refers to Shrove Tuesday as the last day of eating rich or fatty foods, during which we’re positively encouraged to feast on fatty foods before Lent – hence the feasting of pancakes on Pancake Day! 

Pancakes are traditionally made from flour, eggs, milk and oil, and are cooked into thin, round ‘cakes’ usually on a very hot griddle or in a hot frying pan. (We’d always go for a frying pan, because tossing your pancakes from a griddle pan is much more difficult!) But that’s not to say that vegans or anyone who avoids eggs or dairy can’t also indulge. Pancakes don’t have to be high in fat either, as we have lots of pancake recipes that are healthier than a standard pancake, yet taste just as delicious…

If you’re a traditionalist, then you’ll love our Honey and Lemon Crêpes. With all the fun of Pancake Day, the whole family will enjoy making this batter and taking it in turns to flip. Rather than simply squeezing on your honey and lemon, you’ll notice that we advise warming them together in a pan and drizzling on afterwards – delicious. 

Pancakes don’t have to be made with heaps of flour, as our Banana Pancakes recipe demonstrates. Top these with whichever fruit you fancy or have to hand. Plus, they’re ideal for using up overripe bananas as alternative to all those lockdown banana loaves. 

If you’re looking for a veganised option, you’ll love our Vegan Banana Pancakes recipe. Vegan pancakes can also have the thick, fluffy treatment. Our Fluffy and Fruity Vegan Pancakes tick all the boxes! 

Looking for a savoury pancake recipe? Pancakes don’t have to just be accompanied by sweet syrups and fruit. These Bacon Pancakes with Maple Syrup will satisfy anyone looking for a savoury-sweet hit. They make use of buttermilk, which is a type of fermented milk that’s used to give soda bread it’s light, airy texture. In this recipe, the buttermilk adds air bubbles, making these pancakes fluffy and light. 

Whichever recipe you go for, and in lockdown life, whatever time of day you choose to get flipping, enjoy your Pancake Day! Then it’s entirely up to you if you’d like to give up something for the 40 days that follow… 

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