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7 Of Our Favourite Workouts For Toned Abs



7 Of Our Favourite Workouts For Toned Abs

Toned abs are perhaps the Holy Grail of exercise, many of us say that the part of our body we’d love to change the most is our stomach. Having a toned stomach takes work and dedication, but all that hard work will pay off eventually and you could have the abs of your dreams!

We love an abdominal workout here at Own Your Goals, so here’s a rundown of our faves…


The importance of cardio

First up, fat burning. Performing regular aerobic exercise helps to burn calories and fat, therefore helping with weight loss. It’s a common misconception that getting toned abs is all about the sit ups and crunches – but it isn’t just these alone that help to tone our midriff!

Burning fat helps to reduce our waist size, which helps to reveal all the toning work we’ve also been doing. Think of it as a two pronged approach – toning exercise to build muscle from the inside, and fat burning aerobic exercise to help reduce weight from the outside in. Then when they meet in the middle, we get toned abs!

Our HIIT it Hard full body fat burning workout with trainer Lily is excellent for really getting the blood pumping and the calories burning. There’s no equipment needed for this one, so you can get straight down to it!

Our ten minute fat burn classes are ideal for fitting in a powerful HIIT workout when time is tight, and if you join our Fat Burn in 10 Challenge, you’ll be guided through the ultimate roadmap to reaching your goals and adopting a healthy mindset.


Dedicated ab workouts

The best way to get toned abs is to complete a mix of cardio workouts such as the ones mentioned above, with dedicated abdominal toning workouts.

If you’re new to ab workouts, this Get Started Ab Workout with Jackie and Davina takes you through the basics so that you can master these and get used to working on your abs before tackling our other amazing ab workouts. 

When you’re ready to tackle something more intense, or if you are already, this ten minute Strong Core Workout with Sarah is ideal for building strength within the core, which will benefit the abdominal muscles. Then, when you’re feeling brave enough, this super intense Core HIIT Workout, also with Sarah, will take your core through its paces! 

For something really fun and energetic that combines cardio and strength training, Jay’s 30 minute Booty and Ab Blast is a hoot. You’ll love it as she takes you through step by step, and your abs will feel like they’ve had a really good workout at the end.

Don’t forget, wherever you are in your Own Your Goals journey, whether you’re working your way through the beginner, intermediate or advanced programmes, they’re also designed to help you build muscle, burn fat and tone your whole body.

 So keep on pushing yourself, and you will own your goals and more. We’re with you every step of the way, and don’t forget – you’re awesome!


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