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Happy Easter Sunday! 5 Ways To Celebrate, With And Without Chocolate!



Happy Easter Sunday! 5 Ways To Celebrate, With And Without Chocolate!

How is your Easter planning going? It’s our second Easter time in lockdown, a sad achievement for so many of us. But despite the fact the we’re still living under coronavirus restrictions, we can still celebrate and have fun within our households, bubbles and outside (according to local restrictions). 

Here’s our top fun ideas to enjoy the Easter break!

1. If you have kids at home, then Easter is the perfect time to organise some outdoor fun. The weather is unpredictable, but we’re no longer in the depths of Winter, and Springtime is ideal for blowing away those cold, wintry cobwebs. Organise an easter egg hunt in your garden or local greenspace and add in a bit of nature learning as you go. You can talk about how the trees are changing, have fun looking for new flowers that are springing up and wonder at what baby animals are being born at this time of year, all whilst you delight at watching the kids find the treats you’ve hidden for them.

2. With the Spring weather also comes more opportunities for walks, cycles and exploring in your nearby green spaces. Perhaps choose a trail that you’ve never completed before, or a park, recreation ground or beach that you haven’t been to in a while. Being outside in nature is a powerful act, and benefits both our physical and mental health.

3. Once you’ve ventured outside, why not all sit down for a family meal? It won’t be long until restrictions are lifted, and we may soon all be doing our own thing, especially so if we have older children. So make the most of a day where you can all sit around the same table, talk and enjoy homecooked food. Try to get the children involved in the cooking and baking too, to help get them interested in food prep from a young age. You don’t have to go with the traditional roast lamb. Why not try a simple one pan dish such as our Chicken & Bacon Ranch Casserole or our Sweet Potato Casserole? Our delicious Chocolate Chip Muffins are also set to be a new family favourite! 

4. Places of worship are still under various restrictions, but you may find that your local place of worship is holding a variety of online events so that you can still practice the moments of reflection that you would do under normal circumstances. The major TV channels also broadcast sermons and ceremonies that can be viewed from the safety of home.

5.You may have Zoom party fatigue, but with one last push towards ‘normality’ you could host a Zoom event for your extended family and loved ones and all get involved in a family, Easter based quiz. Choose a quizmaster and each family could be in charge of one section of the quiz. If your household loves sports, then you could design the questions and activities for that round, then all the others can create different rounds, such as science, nature, history and geography. You never know what you might all learn!

Whatever you do this Easter, we hope that you enjoy it and have fun. Indulge in some chocolate, relax and let nature in. 

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