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How To Begin Working Out At Home!



How To Begin Working Out At Home!

Hands up if you’re used to working out at the gym or as part of a fitness class? If you are, and you’re new here, you might be wondering how you can achieve the same level of fitness by doing home workouts as those done using gym equipment or by following a trainer. 

Well you can, we promise! The beauty is, all you need is a laptop or mobile device, a mat and minimal equipment. Plus, by using Own Your Goals Davina to work out, you’ll have access to our top trainers, who will lead you through everything from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to yoga

If you’ve never tried working out from home before, we recommend that you take a while to look around our site and familiarise yourself with all the great workouts now available to you. 

We also recommend that you clear enough space to bounce around or stretch in, and gather any equipment such as dumbbells or a mat that you might need to complete your chosen workout. We’ve even got tips on getting little ones involved in our 10 Minute Fat Burn exercise classes!

If you’re completely new to exercise or you’re returning after injury or illness, our Get Started series is ideal for you. Then we have beginner, intermediate and advanced classes, each group lasting for 12 weeks.

One of our favourite features is our Workout Bank. Here, you’ll find a huge selection of different workout videos that you can browse and choose when you fancy, say 20 minutes of Pilates or 10 minutes exercising with some dumbbells. The beauty is, you can favourite the ones you like best and then filter the workouts to your favourites and away you go.

You can also filter by trainer too, or by the time you have spare or the level of intensity you want to work out at. Or you can filter by focus, such as a warm up or cool down session, or a ‘how to’ video or dance session. The Workout Bank really is your oyster, even if you are stuck indoors all day.

Motivation is important when you’re working out at home too. So to help keep you motivated, we have lots of content in our Wellbeing section, which helps you to focus and stay committed. In a nutshell to make working out from home a success:

  • Stick to a routine and try to set aside time for exercise at the same time each day
  • Use our Workout Planner to help you plan your week, making you more likely to stick to your plan
  • Keep track of your progress using our Results Tracker – seeing how well you’re doing will help to spur you on even more!
  • Get the whole family involved – because you know what they say, families who work out together, survive lockdown together…
  • Have realistic goals for what you want to achieve, and celebrate every single milestone, no matter how seemingly small.

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