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How to Control Your Snacking Habit



How to Control Your Snacking Habit

Snacking is something that we all do, but sometimes we can graze a little too much on the kids leftovers, treats and oddities from the fridge, that we lose track of how many calories we’re consuming, sending us off track from owning our goals. 

So here’s our tried and tested tips on curbing our snacking and staying on track.

    • Fill up on protein - protein provides energy, in the same way as carbs and fats do, but it’s longer lasting. (Plus, carbs are turned into sugars during digestion and fats are calorific). So make sure you’re consuming lean protein with each meal, to ensure you stay fuller for longer. Chicken breast, fish, eggs, small amounts of dairy, beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts and seeds are all great protein sources. 

    • Eat mindfully - if we eat when we’re working, grab bites whilst we’re tending to jobs or kids or graze when we’re watching TV or scrolling, our minds aren’t on what we’re consuming. If we eat mindfully, with no distractions, we’re more likely to hear our brain signalling to us that we’re full, and we’ll be less likely to overeat. 

    • Stay hydrated - did you know that we can confuse hunger with thirst? When we feel hungry and then snack, we might actually just need a glass of water. So make sure you’re staying well hydrated and next time you feel hunger between meals, take a drink and wait ten minutes to see if the feeling passes. 

  • Achieve good quality sleep - when we’re tired and struggling with a chronic lack of sleep, we’re more likely to choose sugary, carb-laden foods the next day to keep ourselves awake. Take a read of tips on getting better sleep to see if there’s anything you can improve on. 

  • Finally - don’t have a treat drawer! We know, if there’s kids or other snack-loving adults in the house, then this will be tricky. But try to encourage buying treats and snacks for the weekend in just the right amount, so that they don't hang around all week, tempting you! 

Despite all of these tips here, our message absolutely isn’t to give up snacking, or that snacking is bad. It’s our choice of snacks that can sometimes get in the way of us reaching our goals. In fact, snacking on something healthy, to almost preempt the snack attack in the afternoon, is a good thing - we’ll be less likely to reach for the chocolate bar or crisps, if we’ve filled up on something else. 

So here’s a selection of our favourite snacks that won’t set you back.

And of course, if you do reach for the treat drawer, then no shame - tomorrow is another day!

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