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How To Increase Your Productivity




How To Increase Your Productivity

There are only so many hours in the day so making the most of your time is critical. Numerous coffee breaks, fatigue, checking social media accounts are high on the list of distractions. So, how can you deter procrastination and make the most of your day? Here are some tips on how to best boost your energy and increase your productivity.

Plan your day

In order to have a productive day, you need to know what you are going to do during that day. If you do not plan the course of the day, you will just end up winging it. Make sure that you write your plan down. You can plan in hourly increments, or just a general list of tasks to achieve — you just need something to keep you on track and moving towards your ultimate goal.

But remember to build in contingencies and be a little flexible. Day-to-day life has its own ways of creeping into your schedule.


Have you heard the saying, ‘You should really swallow the frog first’?  This is so important when looking at productivity.

It means you should take the hardest, biggest, most difficult task and do it first. If you do that, the burden comes off of you, and it is much easier to do the smaller tasks. I mean, you already did the hard one, didn’t you. Everything from there is an easy ride.

Take breaks

It might sound absurd, but taking breaks will actually boost your productivity. We’ve all been there, staring at the screen trying to think, but it just does not work.

Try this: find 5 minutes away from the computer, desk, phone or wherever you work, and take a walk. Stretch your legs, maybe do some squats, drink a cup of water or grab some fresh air.

Having this break will help you clear your mind, recharge and start again.

Ensure a healthy mind and body

Having and maintaining a healthy mind and body is absolutely vital. This is obtained by eating a healthy diet, being active, and staying hydrated throughout the day. It’s also vital to ensure you get good quality sleep at night and wake up rested. Having a healthy mind and body will help you remain focused and energised throughout your entire day.

Mid Morning Hunger Slump

It’s 11am and you’re already on your third cup of coffee of the day, but try not to overdo the caffeine as this just gives a temporary lift and you’ll end up feeling more tired later on. Try drinking green tea instead rather than normal black tea as it contains less caffeine and is rich in antioxidants. If you’re also getting those mid morning hunger pangs then instead of reaching for the biscuit tin, opt for some healthy snacks instead that will keep you energised. The key is to snack often but ensure that you are eating healthy snacks in small portions.

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