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How To Tone Your Inner Thighs



How To Tone Your Inner Thighs

Whether you’re someone who prefers to exercise your whole body in one session, or you prefer to focus on one major muscle group per session, one thing is for sure – it can be tricky knowing how to target the inner thighs. “Leg day” might mean that we focus on our outer thighs and bottom, but the inner thighs can easily become neglected. 

So ever the helpful souls, here’s our tips on toning these tricky to reach areas (incidentally called the adductor muscles) so that they’re just as targeted and toned as the rest of your body.

Lateral lunges and reverse lunges 

Lunges are great for working all the muscles in the legs and bottom, and they can be performed without any equipment, at any time. For example, whilst brushing your teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil.

However, in order to take them up a gear to make sure they’re working to tone your inner things, try them laterally. This means that instead of lunging forwards, you lunge to the side, by side stepping outwards in a lunge movement, and then stepping back in again to standing. You can perform them on each leg alternately, or you can perform a set of 10 to 12 on each leg at a time. Aim for three sets of 10 to 12 on each leg in one session. 

Additionally, you can add in some reverse lunges. These are performed exactly as they sound, instead of lunging forwards, lunge backwards and drop your back knee to the floor. Again, perform three sets of 10 to 12 reverse lunges on each leg, either alternately or a set for each leg. 

Each lunge movement can be made tougher but even more beneficial by holding weights in each hand (either dumbbells or tins of food / bottles of water will do just as well.) 


Sliders are brilliant pieces of exercise kit that are used under bare feet on a non-carpeted floor, to allow your feet to glide across the floor. Our Full Body Sliders workout and Sliders at the Barre session both make use of sliders. 

Both are fun ways of working out the whole body, but with a focus on the legs and lower body. Using resistance to stop you losing tour grip on the floor is a great way of exercising the inner thighs and will help to tone them whist you have fun with a new type of exercise. 


If you’ve never tried Pilates, then we have you covered. Our Pilates classes have been designed to target specific body areas, and our medium intensity Dynamic Flow Challenge: Lower Body Sequence makes use of resistance bands to target the inner thighs. 

Resistance bands work similarly to sliders in that they force your leg muscles to work harder by creating resistance. In turn, the targeted areas become more toned and defined, which is the exact result we’re looking for… 

We’d love to hear what you think of these inner thigh toning exercises, so get in touch on our community page and let us know!

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