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Lighter, Longer Days… How To Get The Most Out Of Them!



Lighter, Longer Days… How To Get The Most Out Of Them!

How do you feel, now that the days are lighter and longer? It felt like the winter of 2021 to 2022 was twice as long as usual, didn’t it? If you’re feeling like you have more energy and time to do things, then you’re not alone. Many of us emerge from the cocoon of winter feeling like we want to make the most of the extra daylight hours we have.

Here’s how to do it!

  • Lighter mornings mean the perfect opportunity to wake up with the birdsong outside and setting our alarm a little earlier than we might in the darker months is so much easier when it’s light outside. Take a look at your weather app to see what time sunrise is and aim to wake up then (allow one snooze press though, we do!). Make the most of the light by getting outside for a jog, run or brisk walk. At times it can feel like the whole world is ours if there aren’t many people around which can be really empowering. 
  • An early sunrise doesn’t have to mean getting outside – your OYG workouts can be even more enjoyable if you do them at home in front of an open window or back door. Have your workout kit ready so that you can spring out of bed, into your kit, throw open the doors and away you go. (We totally get that your morning energy levels might not allow for springing and leaping straight away, but a positive mindset is so important for good motivation!) 
  • If you’re really not a morning person or your family or work commitments mean that early morning workouts are out of the question, then the good news is, the longer, lighter evenings can give you the time you need to exercise. In the winter, when get home from work in the dark, the last thing we feel like doing is exercising. Instead, we’d rather hibernate on the sofa. But feeling like there’s more time in the evenings before the curtains are closed is time that can be used to train and Own Your Goals. 
  • Celebrating all the fresh, local, in season produce that spring time has to offer is a great way of upping our healthy eating game. Salads, fruits and spring veggies are in abundance at this time of year, and using the extra evening time wisely to make meals for the week is a good idea. Browse our recipe pages for inspiration and ideas. 
  • If the winter has meant that you’ve struggled with seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a type of winter depression, we can also use the extra hours of daylight to be kind to ourselves and look after our mental health. One way to do this is through creating new positive habits to break the negative cycles that can affect us more during the darker months. Spend an evening a week, perhaps sitting outside (in a big coat if it’s still chilly) making plans and goals that will see you through the summer. 

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