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Our Top 7 Workouts When You Only Have 10 Minutes To Spare!



Our Top 7 Workouts When You Only Have 10 Minutes To Spare!

How often have you reached the end of the day or week and thought, where did all the time go? The hours seem to rush by and before we know it, it’s the end of another day or week and we haven’t done anything like the number of things we planned to do. 

Quite often, that means that the things we want to be doing for ourselves take a back seat, and that includes exercise. We flop into bed, exhausted, feeling guilty that we haven’t committed any time to fitness. 

But exercise doesn’t have to be a full hour workout session at the gym. It can be as little as ten minutes if we’re short on time, and ten minutes is so much better than no minutes. 

So next time you think it’s not worth exercising because you only have ten minutes to spare before life gets in the way once more, think again! Here’s our top 7 workouts that pack a powerful punch in just ten minutes…

  1. A HIIT, or high intensity interval training workout is worth every second. Designed to be purposefully short but during which we work out at our absolute maximum effort, the OYG Toned in 10 HIIT session with Davina burns a whopping 200 calories. So feel the power and go for it! 
  2. Another fantastic, fat burning HIIT workout that’s fun to complete but super beneficial is our HIIT it With Dumbbells training session. By adding weights to your workout, you’ll be building muscle as well as burning fat. What’s more, you’ll also be helping to support stronger bones, which is ideal as we progress through our perimenopausal and menopausal years. 
  3. Sometimes, we don’t feel like jumping around too much, and these are the days that are ideal for focussing on intense core work. Time to HIIT Your Core is the perfect, quick session for working on those abs – and trust us, even though it’s only ten minutes, you’ll feel it the next day! 
  4. If you’re feeling a little stressed or you have some pent up energy, don’t waste it. Use it to carry out our Power Box & Tone Combo Box. You won’t need any boxing gloves or equipment, just some energy to burn, and 100 calories to boot! 
  5. Sometimes we feel the total opposite and wish to start our days with something a little gentler. The OYG restorative ten minute Morning Yoga Flow is ideal and helps to stretch out all those little aches and niggles so that we’re ready to face the day.
  6. Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise for improving our posture and flexibility, as well as building strength and tone. If you’re new to it, treat yourself to a ten minute intro, with our Dynamic Flow Challenge Introduction Pilates session. 
  7. Finally, for a ten minute exercise session that really gets you working, you’ve got to give our 10 Minute Cardio Fat Blast a go. It’ll get you in all the right places! 

All of these exercise classes are also ideal for fitting in around your regular OYG plan to make each week really count. Don’t forget to let us know your favourites. 

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