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Wave Goodbye To Bingo Wings! Try These Workouts For Toned Arms



Wave Goodbye To Bingo Wings! Try These Workouts For Toned Arms

Not all of us have the confidence to wear vest tops in the summer or a sparkly strapless number to the Christmas party. Why? Because of the dreaded bingo wing. Having toned arms is high on many a wish list, usually only second to achieving a washboard stomach. If your upper arms are getting you down, here’s some exercises that will help you wave bare armed with confidence! 

Press Ups 

Not just for helping to develop core strength, doing press ups helps to strengthen the upper arms too. 

Begin by performing press ups with your knees bent and resting on the floor, rather than having your legs outstretched. If you’re used to press ups, by all means start your bingo wing busting with full, straight leg press ups.  If you’re still a bit unsure, watch Davina’s tutorial on How To Do A Press Up. 

Aim for three sets of 12 every day and feel your arms getting stronger each week. For an extra boost, perform explosive push ups with a clap at the end of each upwards movement. 

Tricep Dips

All you need is a stable chair to do tricep dips, a dining chair should work perfectly. With your back towards the chair and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, clutch the seat of the chair with your hands so that your knuckles are pointing towards your back.

Keeping your bottom close to the chair and your back straight, bend your arms so that your elbows point towards the back of the chair and then dip your whole body down. Keep everything tight as you lift yourself back up and repeat 12 times, for three sets. 


Doing strength exercises such as press ups and tricep dips are great for building tone in your arms, but they won’t burn fat, so you need to add in some cardio. Jogging, cycling or brisk walking are great cardio, fat burning exercises. But have you ever considered boxing? 

You don’t have to step inside a ring (unless you want to) as you can do our Power Box and Tone workouts at home on your own or with a partner. Upbeat and empowering, you’ll get a full body workout, burn some calories and shed some fat. Which is exactly what we need from a work out!


Yoga is great for relaxation and stretching, but it can also help to tone the muscles too. Yoga is especially good for the arms since it contains so many downward dogs which help to build arm strength.

Toned in 10

We believe in creating simple but effective workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home, so that’s why we love our Toned in 10 series of workouts. Toned in 10 Arms is a ten minute workout that focusses on the arms and all you need is some dumbbells. It’s fun, fast and effective! 

With hard work and determination, you could banish those bingo wings for good.

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