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Workout Buddies - Where to Find Them and How They Can Help Achieve Your Goals



Workout Buddies - Where to Find Them and How They Can Help Achieve Your Goals

We all have friends with different strengths, don’t we? There’s our bestie who’s there through anything, thick or thin, with complete non-judgemental support. Our work bestie who’s ideal for decompressing from work stress in the toilets at lunchtime. The friend who organises our lives, no gathering complete without their input. And let’s not forget the friend who fills our lives with tales of exciting soirees and glamorous work trips. 


But is there one friend we’re missing out on? The one that encourages us to work out when they’re feeling motivated and who needs us for inspiration and support when they’re feeling demotivated. This is our workout buddy, and they’re an essential part of our quest to own our goals! 

Having a workout buddy, someone who we rely on as much as they rely on us to exercise, helps us stay committed and driven to live a healthy, active lifestyle and make positive food choices. They provide us with a little bit of healthy competition, too, helping to push us forward to reach our goals with an added element of fun. 

Also, having a friend that we work out with, helps us with fresh new ideas. For example, your workout buddy might’ve discovered the newest OYG challenge before you, and might convince you to take part in six weeks of amazingness. 

What’s more, having a workout buddy will make us accountable to someone other than ourselves. This means that if we’re not feeling it and we’ve promised a friend we’ll workout with them, we’ll feel more inclined to actually do so, rather than letting a friend down. 

A workout buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be one we see in the flesh, either. If there’s one positive to the Covid pandemic, it’s that we know the power of doing things online. You can commit to carrying out your next OYG workout with a friend anywhere in the world. Use your phone to video call them, whilst using your laptop logged into your OYG account. 

So, where do we find such amazing friends? You may already have a friend that’ll make the perfect workout buddy. If you know someone who’s into fitness, or is thinking about getting into fitness or restarting it, then suggest that you support each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re not into the same fitness regimes – in fact, you could inspire each other to step outside of your comfort zone. It will be helpful though, if you’re of an almost equal fitness level, just so that you can motivate and help each other. 

Or, you may find that you click with someone in the OYG Community – OYG Warriors are all amazing and are the perfect support system. Even if you don’t find someone to work out with here, you’ll definitely find support and inspiration, plus you’ll have the chance to share your wisdom with anyone struggling or starting out on their OYG journey. 

So find your workout buddy today, and make it the start of a beautiful, if a little sweaty, relationship!

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