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Your New Year Fitness Guide to Help You Smash Your Goals!



Your New Year Fitness Guide to Help You Smash Your Goals!

Happy New Year! Now that the decorations are down and the last of the treats have been eaten / given away, it’s time to think about your 2020 fitness goals. Whatever your goals are this year, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Here’s our guide to helping you Own Your Goals this new year! 

  • Join our Fat Burn in 10 Challenge! This challenge is the perfect way to get you started on your 2020 goals. With daily challenges and recipes all under 10 minutes we’ve made it easier for you to reach your goals!
  • Whatever your ability, we have a workout for you. If you’re just beginning on your fitness journey, our Beginner Programme is specifically for you. If you’ve been working out for three or four months and you’re feeling confident and looking to step things up a gear, then our Advanced Programme will be best for you. If you’re somewhere in between, opt for our Intermediate Programme.
  • Make a start with the programme that suits your experience and ability best, or pick up where you left off (if it wasn’t too long ago). We recommend doing three workouts a week for the best results. Each programme consists of three workouts per week for ten weeks and is designed to help you get the most from working out.
  • Using OYG is a great way to schedule your workouts so that you know where you are and what you have left to fit in each week. Planning your exercise each week is far better than reaching Thursday, realising you haven’t done any exercise and having to cram everything in without having rest days.
  • We’ve even got a handy tracker, where you can measure and track your completed goals and physical measurements. How’s that for motivating?!
  • Don’t forget the importance of rest days. Rest is an important part of fitness as it gives the body a chance to recover. During this time, all the tiny tears we make in our muscles when we exercise (which is one of the reasons exercise hurts!) have time to repair and in doing so, we build more lean muscle mass. Which is after all, the ultimate goal.
  • But don’t be afraid to add in workouts when you want to, too. Our Power Box & Tone bonus workouts are ideal if you want to add in a few upbeat, fast paced workouts to your routine. Part of a successful fitness journey is keeping things exciting and interesting so that you don’t get bored.
  • Adding in some yoga is also beneficial for motivation, preventing boredom and stretching tired, hardworking muscles. You can perform yoga on your rest days or go straight into it after a workout. We recommend practising yoga two or three times a week to get the full benefits and improve flexibility and tone.
  • Your diet is just as important as the exercise you do when you’ve got a goal to reach. Workouts need to be fuelled properly and this means meals that are rich in lean protein and carbohydrate from wholegrains, and low in sugars and saturated fats. Our nutrition section is ideal for creating tasty meals that will sustain your energy levels throughout the day, provide all the nutrients you need and power your workouts. We’ve also included a planner that can help you plan your meals for a whole week, helping to make sure that you don’t make unhealthy choices.

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