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Keeping Up The Good Work Post-Lockdown



Keeping Up The Good Work Post-Lockdown

The world is still a strange place at the moment, with travel still severely restricted, holiday plans cancelled and frightening numbers and statistics on a daily basis. But as each country starts to lift some lockdown measures, albeit very slowly, and thoughts turn to what life will be like after lockdown, we might be wondering what normality will look like in the future. 

Whilst none of us know what life will be like post coronavirus, we can be sure of one thing – all our good habits that we’ve built up during our time spent at home more, are here to stay!

Or are they…?

If you’ve found a new groove of finding more time in your day to exercise and make healthy, homecooked meals, you might be worried that when you’re back to work and the kids are back to school, that all your hard work and good intentions might disappear.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With some determination and will to turn what’s been a struggle for so many of us into a positive, we can all adjust to post lockdown life with healthy habits.

Planning is everything. Choose a day, Sunday’s work well, to plan your week, fitting in exercise around all the other things you have to do. Use our Workout Planner to help you write down which days you’ll be exercising and it’ll be much easier to stick to – and you won’t have the rush at the end of the week to fit it all in!

It’s helpful to do the same for your food, too, our Meal Planner will help you plan all your meals and snacks. It’ll also help you shop smart for the week so that you have all you need to make deliciously healthy meals. Prepping and batch cooking will also help keep you ahead of the game when time is short.

Make the most of the early morning daylight too. Getting up early isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do, but having an extra hour in the day can make all the difference. At the moment, it’s bright very early in the morning, making it easier to rise and shine. Set your alarm for earlier than you would’ve done on a work or school day before lockdown and use this extra time to exercise.

You’re already making fantastic progress through your Own Your Goals plan, so keep up the excellent work! By the time the mornings are dark again, you’ll be used to your new wake up time and it won’t seem like too much of a struggle. Starting the day positively with exercise makes us more productive and less likely to make unhealthy food choices, so the benefits of that extra hour are far reaching!

Finally, stay positive. We know it’s hard, when life feels uncertain, but try to rise above the fear and negativity and use these unprecedented times to keep a positive mindset to help you strive for your goals. So much upset and sadness has come from this global pandemic, which can get us down. But taking life by the horns and succeeding in reaching our goals turns at least a little bit of the awfulness into something great. You truly can do it!

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