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New to Own Your Goals? Here’s how to get started!



New to Own Your Goals? Here’s how to get started!

Oh hello, you! You’re new around here, aren’t you? We’re SO pleased you’re here! We know that embarking on a health and fitness regime can be daunting. That’s why we developed Own Your Goals, to provide help, support, inspiration and motivation to people just like YOU!

You might be here because you’ve recently had babies and you’re looking to take control of your fitness. It might be because you’ve spent years on boring diets and have never found an exercise that you actually like. Or because lockdown made you think deeper about how you feel and you want to Own Your Goals! 

Either way, it doesn’t matter. We’re just delighted that you chose us. We promise you that it’s never boring or dull around here. We never judge or preach either, everyone is welcome and we get results. 

There’s more than 360,000 people here (we call ourselves OYG Warriors) and we’re all just like you – looking for the motivation, support and tools to eat well, exercise regularly and stay as informed about our health as possible.

So, how does it work here? By now, you may have had a look around, but here’s some links to some important pages. 

  • The Your Plan page is where you can choose your goals and see your workouts, calories burned and points gained rack up. Setting your goals is simple – choose whether you want to gain, lose or maintain weight and how long you want to give yourself to do it. Now it’s time to get active! 
  • If you’re completely new to exercise, or you’re gingerly coming back to exercise after illness or injury (waving your doctors sign off note) then our Get Started section is for you. You’ll learn the correct posture and form to carry out our Beginner Plan when you’re ready. (You can start the Beginner Plan straight away if you’re not completely new to exercise, but Get Started does make sure you’ll minimise your injury risk.) 
  • We recommend that you exercise three times a week, and our Beginner Plan sets things out week by week so that you know exactly where you are for the next 12 weeks. 
  • Then, when you’re ready you can graduate to our Intermediate Plan and then our Advanced Plan. These are both 12 week plans designed to be completed three times a week too. 
  • If you like, you can also add in some extras, such as our Yoga Sessions or our 10 minute Toned in 10 or Fat Burn in 10 sessions too. Or, you can complete one of our exciting challenge based workouts that’ll ensure you NEVER get bored as you push yourself towards your goals! 
  • Food-wise, we’ve got a huge selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas in our Nutrition section. You can filter down by ingredient, special diet or the time it takes to make. You’ll be truly spoilt for choice and each one comes complete with calorie information – helpful if you’re calorie counting. 
  • Our Wellbeing pages are updated each week with helpful, informative content. We cover everything including prioritising your mental health to how to add weights to your workout routine and managing the symptoms of the perimenopause and menopause. We love hearing from you so if there’s something you want us to research and add, then don’t be shy, let us know by scrolling to the bottom of your account page
  • Finally, make sure you’re joined up to our Community – a safe space full of supportive, friendly people all sharing ideas and tips on making the most of Own Your Goals. We hope you’ll love it here! (We know you will.)  

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