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Our Top 5 Summer Goals For Living Better



Our Top 5 Summer Goals For Living Better

Setting goals is a big part of what we do here at Own Your, err, Goals. So if you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that we talk about the importance of goal setting a lot. Having targets and goals gives us motivation and something to aim for and it helps with accountability. 

At Own Your Goals, we look at the bigger picture of health and fitness, and how we can get there using smaller, achievable, SMART goals. But we also think about short term goals too, and goals that aren’t necessarily to do with our diet or fitness, but something much larger, such as our impact on the environment

So here’s five goals worth considering this summer, in order to live a more peaceful, rounded and overall better life…

  1. Practice mindfulness - mindfulness is everywhere at the moment, and with good reason. Scientific studies show that it’s enormously beneficial to our mental wellbeing as, depending on the type of practice we choose, it encourages us to spend a few minutes being present and aware of our breathing, exploring how our bodies feel and noticing what's going on around us in that present moment. 

GOAL - Download a mindfulness app and practice a guided meditation for ten minutes every morning this week in order for it to eventually become a habit. 

  1. Consider changing a negative habit - we all have habits that we perhaps wish we didn’t have, and accepting that we want to change something is the first step in actually changing it. It might be smoking, how much alcohol we consume, our picking and grazing food habits, procrastination or going to bed late. 

GOAL - Recognise a habit you’d like to change, accept that you’d like to change it and begin to take small steps to make that change. 

  • Be aware of your plastic consumption - Plastic is convenient, cheap, long-lasting and everywhere. But we’re all aware that it hangs around in the environment forever and that we should all take steps to reduce our consumption of it and live more sustainably
  • GOAL - Invest in at least one reusable, be that a water bottle, shopping bag, lunch box, on-the-go cutlery or straw, and really consider your purchases this week - do you really need that item that’s wrapped in plastic, or is there an alternative? 

    1. Find a new podcast - there are podcasts available now on pretty much any topic you can think of, from news and politics, to true crime to popular culture. Think of something you’re interested in, that perhaps you’re new to or curious about, and get downloading. 

    GOAL - Try out two new podcasts this week and see how they might inspire you to start to learn about something new. 

    1. Go green (fingered) - Nature, with all its changes and seasons is incredibly good for our mental health. But we don’t always need to be outside to make the most of being in nature - we can bring it inside! Look for easy to look after indoor plants such as Peace Lilies and Mother in Law’s Tongue and surround yourself with greenery. Try growing some indoor herbs from seed too, they thrive on well lit window sills and conservatories. 
    GOAL - Find at least two new pot plants this weekend and read up on how best to look after them.

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