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What Time Of Day Is Best To Work Out?



What Time Of Day Is Best To Work Out?

Knowing how to exercise can be a minefield. Is cardio alone enough? Do I need to lift weights? What about stretching and warm ups, are they really necessary? (Top tip – yes.) Hopefully though, we provide you with lots of information that helps you understand your HIIT from your F.I.T here at OYG. 

The NHS also helpfully recommends that we all do something physical every day and that this should add up to a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio exercise and two sessions of muscle building resistance exercise each week. 

But when it comes to when we should exercise, does that matter? Is exercising first thing in the morning better than last thing at night? What about the middle of the day? Is a lunchtime workout more beneficial than after work? 

Is there a best time to exercise? Or are we simply better off fitting exercise into our routine when we can?

Well, it turns out that there are benefits to training at all times of day. 

There is evidence to suggest that those who exercise in the morning tend to spend the whole day making healthier choices. This includes both in terms of dietary choices and more movement – such as taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking instead of hitching a ride. 

Starting the day with exercise also often means a more energised and productive day. Then you’re more likely to naturally wind down, go to bed earlier and sleep better later. 

A lunchtime workout can often mean that as we’re more fuelled on food, we’re more likely to work out at a higher intensity. It can also give us a boost in the afternoon, avoiding that 3pm slump in energy levels (and the chocolate bars). 

There is evidence to suggest an evening exercise session could reduce levels of a hormone called ghrelin, that’s responsible for inducing hunger. If we reduce it with exercise, we’re less likely to snack or eat a large meal before bed. 

Plus of course, exercise is still beneficial, whenever we do it. Just try to avoid exercising immediately before bed as you may be too pumped to sleep. 

Here at OYG we’re all about fitting exercise into our busy schedules in the easiest way possible. So if that means exercising as soon as you wake up, then fantastic. But equally fantastic is if that means using your lunchbreak to exercise or grabbing half an hour after work to work through your latest OYG Programme. 

The most important thing is to exercise, most days. Whenever you do it, it’s entirely up to you! 

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