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Why Working Out From Home Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make!



Why Working Out From Home Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make!

How quickly did the festive season go?! If you’re anything like us, it felt like it whizzed by in a blink and now all of a sudden, we’re back to January again. January is a time when many of us make the decision to take charge of our health. This can mean by changing our diet to include more healthy food choices, cutting down on alcohol, quitting smoking or taking up a more regular exercise regime. 

Today, we’re going to be talking about the latter. So if you’re here because you want to exercise more, then this is just the page for you – especially since you’ve decided that OYG and our amazing workouts you can do at home is way forward for you! 

So just before you clear the living room floor and roll out your mat, here’s why working out from home is quite simply, amazing…

  • No one can see if you make a mistake. Not that making mistakes is a bad thing – because exercising can only be a good thing. If you make the odd slip up, then overall, you’re still awesome because you got up and exercised! But if you’re new to exercise…
  • … the gym can be daunting! Knowing the unwritten ‘rules’ of the gym is a mindboggling mix of knowing how to turn the treadmill on, not letting it go too fast and understanding the etiquette of how long to spend on each machine (let alone knowing what they all do). So working out from home is far less overwhelming.
  • You can also take things completely at your own pace and exercise whenever you want. Own Your Goals fitness plans are at your fingertips quite literally all day, every day. So if 5am yoga is your thing, then go ahead. Or if a 7pm F.I.T Combat session suits you better, then be our guest! The only thing stopping you from a midnight Dance Party workout might be your neighbours downstairs…
  • With more and more of us now working from home, we might have also cancelled our gym memberships as we’re simply not travelling anymore. The beauty of a home workout instead, is that it can be fitted in easily around work. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare between Zoom meetings or you need a quick afternoon pick-me-up, our ten minute Fat Burn in 10 challenges are ideal. 
  • Finding the motivation to exercise can be the weakness that’s most difficult to overcome. But if we take having to get up early to drive to the gym in the dark or go for a cold, soggy outdoor run out of the equation, it doesn’t seem half as difficult, does it? Getting out of bed straight into the gym gear you laid out the night before to exercise in the front room takes much less effort, and leaves you with more time too. 
  • Finally, working out at home means that you don’t have to use the showers in the gym or at work. And if washing away all that hard earned sweat in the comfort of your own bathroom (whilst the kettle boils) doesn’t sound like reason enough to realise that exercising at home is the best decision you’ll make, then we don’t know what is! 

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