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6 Exercises That Will Help Achieve Toned Arms - Just In Time For Summer!



6 Exercises That Will Help Achieve Toned Arms - Just In Time For Summer!

Exercise helps us to both burn fat and develop more lean muscle mass. One of the Holy Grails of exercise is perhaps lean, toned, strong arms, and with the Summer approaching, our arms may be at the forefront of our minds. Vest tops, strappy dresses and off the shoulder numbers are all popular Summer fashion looks, especially since we’re facing hopeful lockdown easing! 

So, how do we get the arms of our dreams? Here’s how, and you’ll be surprised to learn that it isn’t just lifting weights that will help to tone and strengthen our arms…

1. Our Toned in 10 Arms workout is designed to be fitted into your busy day and can even be in addition to your regular OYG workouts. You’ll need a set of dumbbells that you can lift, but not too easily (you can also use tins of food of filled water bottles) and it’s a high intensity, short, fun filled workout that focusses on defining and toning the arms. 

2. Upper body workouts are great for adding strength and tone to the arms, and our Power Box and Tone programme is no exception. If you like to have fun whilst working out, then this fast paced, upbeat series of boxing workouts will really benefit your arms, as well as building fitness and stamina. 

3. Our Strength Plan is a great all-rounder for building tone and muscle and includes weekly upper body workouts. It’s really good if you’re new to strength training and want to build weights into your routines. By following this six week plan, you’ll know that you’re not neglecting any other areas of your body in your quest for toned arms. Because a strong body is a happy body!

4. Leaving the weights aside for a moment, aerobic, fat burning exercise that doesn’t necessarily focus on the arms is great for reducing fat and losing weight. It’s important to focus on fat loss as well as muscle building in order to achieve a toned physique and one of the best ways to burn extra fat alongside your OYG workouts is to go for regular runs. Burning fat will help all your new muscle tone become more visible, meaning long, lean, fit arms. 

5. Other forms of exercise such as Yoga and Pilates are great for building muscle tone in the arms too. They rely on bodyweight resistance, where you use your own bodyweight to exercise against. The long, controlled and purposeful movements of yoga help to elongate the muscles, adding tone and strength. We have Yoga and Pilates classes for all abilities here at OYG and all are perfectly suited to the days when you’re not working out to your usual OYG programme. 

6. Finally, for a six week challenge inspired by the moves of martial arts that helps to improve fitness, muscle tone and endurance, our F.I.T Combat programme is a must! Our amazing trainer Faye even manages to make burpees fun, so for the ultimate in toned arm exercise, make sure you check it out. 

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